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Energizer Improves Performance to World's Longest Lasting AA Battery in High Tech Devices

ST. LOUIS, March 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Energizer® Ultimate Lithium AA batteries—already the longest lasting AAs in high-tech devices—are getting a power boost. With a re-tooled formula including improved materials and construction, these batteries now last up to 9X longer* (previously 8X) in digital cameras. The improved AA batteries are beginning to appear on store shelves.


Energizer® Ultimate Lithium AAA batteries also last up to 9X longer* in high drain digital cameras.

Not to be outdone, Energizer® Advanced Lithium AA and AAA batteries last up to 6X longer* in digital cameras. They are available at a lower retail price and serve as an introduction to lithium technology and performance.

Energizer, a leader in battery innovation for more than half a century, continues to deliver the performance improvements consumers have come to expect.

"Ultimate Lithium batteries are ideal for digital cameras and flashes because they are designed to deliver energy at high rates. For this improvement we reconfigured the battery with improved materials, allowing it to deliver even more energy at a high rate," said Dan Durbin, technology manager for Energizer. "Fans and advocates of our lithium batteries will be happy to know Energizer continues to invest in identifying and evaluating ways to further extend runtimes with this powerful battery."

Powering Critical Situations
Engineered with a unique chemistry that provides the highest energy in high-tech devices of any battery in its respective sizes, Energizer® Ultimate Lithium batteries have long been the battery of choice for professionals who rely on battery power to get the job done. These batteries are included in select National Geographic photographers' camera bags and have even been approved and utilized by NASA to power remote impact sensors on the wings of multiple space shuttles.

Cold weather adventurers, including Mt. Everest climbers, Iditarod competitors and skiers training for the Olympics, appreciate the extended runtimes of Ultimate Lithium batteries but especially the continued performance in temperatures ranging from -40 degrees F to 140 degrees F and that the batteries are 33 percent lighter than alkaline. They are also used by select military and special forces units who encounter situations where power is critical, for devices ranging from night vision goggles to scopes.

These individuals and organizations rely on batteries during critical situations and need assurance they will have power when needed. That assurance is provided by Ultimate Lithium batteries as they have a 15-year shelf life (see chart) and a leak-proof construction, not found in any other primary battery sold in the United States.

Several major high-tech device manufacturers recommend Ultimate Lithium batteries in their devices for maximum performance. The most recognizable of these companies include Nikon, Garmin, Magellan, SPOT, Bushnell trail cameras, SteriPEN, Midland weather radios and RCA handheld cameras.

"We value the expanding list of endorsements from high-tech manufacturers who recommend end users power their devices with our lithium batteries," said Michelle Atkinson, Vice President, North America Marketing for Energizer. "Manufacturers are hoping customers have the best experience possible with their gadget and rely on our lithium technology to help optimize the device."

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About Energizer
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*vs. Energizer® MAX®. Results vary by camera.
**use less batteries, create less waste

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